Problems with TLS1.1 and Docusign!

So yesterday I had some huge problems with Docusign – couldn’t get a single envelop to go – no matter what I tried.  I reset my DocuSign Password, reset my SF Password, Reset my Security token, added IP addresses, on and on.

It turns out the new critical update for TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.1 (which I activated without thinking about it) caused DocuSign to stop working – they’re working on a fix right now, BUT  If you have DocusSign, DO NOT activate the TLS1.1 fix.  This is NOT critical for another 365 days.

This is a security control and for the integration between SF and other systems (and browsers for that matter) so it won’t hurt anything to leave it alone until Docusign Fixes it.

One of our programmers also experienced a problem with one of our clients around their ERP integration, so, if you are doing SF to XXX Integration, you might want to check with your integration provider before activating as well.

Just wanted to blast this out.




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