Process Builder getting big traction

I saw this yesterday and wanted to share.  When Process builder came out – with little fanfare last year, I was really impressed.  I was also kind of aggravated that Salesforce didn’t brag about it more- you couldn’t get them to shut up about the Lightning Experience, and here was this truly useful tool that was sort of swept under the covers.

That said, our team got immediate use out of it – and with the Chatter Post, new record creation, Action updates and the like, it was like our PM’s became entry level programmers as well.

So I was impressed to see that the Process Builder tool has hit 10 BILLION (with a B) transactions.  It’s running more than 273 million transactions a day – or 4 times Instagram (my wife says that if twitter is for morons, then Instagram is for morons that can’t read!)  Anyway, that says something about the tool we have all come to know and love.

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