Process Builder – new for Spring 15

So one of the cooler features that we’re just starting to work with in Spring 15 is the Process Builder function. This tool is a graphically enhanced Workflow engine that lets you do a ton of stuff the old workflow engine (still useful BTW) couldn’t do. For instance, in the picture attached here, we now have a builder that will auto- CREATE (that is write) a Project record when an Opp is Closed won. This used to be the sole territory of Visual Force or Triggers – no more!

Essentially the tool lets you build out flow chart based logic and then – when certain conditions are met, performs an action (like updating records, sending emails, or send tasks, like the base workflow engine) OR create records, update Chatter, or even process Actions.

In my example, you can see that when an Opp goes to closed won, the immediate Action is to create a Project Record:


And, when this process is run, you get to pick the fields from the Opp that load to the Project:


So – while we used to have to do this the old fashioned way (with a trigger) it’s now possible with some complicated – but do-able configuration.

Check this tool out! We think you’ll like it…

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