Process Manufacturing Playbook

PLT Health is an example of a Process Manufacturer. PLT Health Solutions is a discoverer, developer, and marketer of ingredient solutions for the natural products, and nutritional supplements. Essentially their “ingredients” are used to make finished products for other manufacturers. Their clients include General Nutrition Center (GNC), Vitamin Shoppe, and other big Nutritional Supplement companies.

PLT markets to customers as they produce new products. Their customers require samples in order ot test the mix and recipe. Sometimes multiple samples in varying strengths must be provided. Samples are a big part of the sales cycle. Eventually, when a product is accepted, the orders for that ingredient come in via EDI to their ERP system

  • Process Manufacturers share much in common with both Repetitive and Discreet Manufacturers.
  • Process Manufacturers are typically making raw ingredients or pre-cursor elements used in further manufacturing processes, so these prospects build Opportunities to track the approval of a product for a client, but then orders arrive via Call Center or EDI.
  • Samples are key to the Sales Process, and these Prospects must be judicious in who they send samples to, and how much product they provide. Understanding the movement and Stage in the Sales Cycle should be key to understanding and controlling this process.

Understanding the Need

We think these are the main areas of business where Process Manufacturers struggle and where Salesforce can be of greatest immediate value. Key to this sector is Account Management, Quote Prep & Data Analysis.

In the links below we cover typical issues and ”How We Can Help” – the Questions you need to ask – and the Answers you need to figure out the best mix of products.

Useful Tools for the Process Manufacturing Sales Cycle

Quick Demo for Process Manufacturers

This link will take you to our YouTube Channel – and a link to a quick Video Demonstration of Salesforce for Process Manufacturers. We included SF Maps, and Sales Cloud only, although we can send a separate video for CPQ if that makes more sense.

Slides for use in Initial Scoping Sessions

This link will take you to a set of Slides that you can use in your discovery sessions. In it, you will find a page of Job Shop Manufacturing logos, a chart that illustrates pain on the customer side (and Opportunities on our side!) and a series of Scoping questions, and potential risks with these kinds of Prospects.

PDF of the Process Manufacturing Playbook

Finally, this link will take you to a PDF of the Job Shop Manufacturing Playbook you can use as a Desk Reference…

Customer Successes in Process Manufacturing

Use these links to see Client Success Stories for BlackIron Group Manufacturing Clients

  • PLT Health
  • Dymax
  • Watson
  • ZeoChem
  • Sono-Tek

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