Sample Tracking Needs

  • As new products are introduced by our Prospect’s Clients, the will need to build trial recipes and test those thoroughly.
  • Our Prospect will need to be able too provide Samples (and track those) for specific Sales Cycles
  • Tracking who gets samples, and how those samples compare to sales is Critical

How can we Help?

  • No viable AppExchange Modules exist to track samples, but fear not! we can build one!
  • Using Enterprise Edition, we can track Samples at the Product and Lot level, and with integration to ERP, we can send Sample Orders to the ERP, and track the Shipment
  • Ultimately, we can track Sales (Closed Won Opps) against Samples and determine which samples deliver the most closed sales, which clients ask for the most Samples (compared to Closed Won Opps) and which Reps send the most samples

Questions to Ask

  • Do you Track Samples now? How?
  • Do you have a special inventory set aside for Samples in your Warehouse? How do you Identify that?
  • Do you send variable quantities and strengths in samples? (do we need to mark Quantity and strength on the product record)
  • Do you track Shipments of Samples?
  • Do you track the Effectiveness of Samples to Closed Business? How?