Profiting from Non Profits…

I saw this article and thought I’d share.  I’m working with our church right now (my wife roped me in) to kind of upgrade their technology infrastructure.  Anyway, one of the pieces that they do is parishioner outreach, and they have this clunky old system that they pay $600 a year for roughly that does nothing.  I’m eventually going to use the free Nonprofit licenses for them and basically build out a church app on the platform.


Now, I’m doing this for my church for free, but I can’t help but see (shameless capitalist that I am) the revenue capabilities in this.  If my church is paying $600 a month for a sub-par app, why not build a start app for and then help parishes build it out to their system to their specifications.


I think it is an interesting way to extend the platform – anyway take a look, maybe there’s something you can do to get into NP…

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