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Sorry we haven’t posted in awhile. January as a SF partner…

This year, we are going to start a series of online events. These will be focused on issues relating to manufacturers who use Salesforce. We hope you will join us – Click here to Register & get the Link for the event:

The sessions will be informal but informative. They will definitely not be “Salesy”. For one hour, once a month, we will host meaningful, interactive events where other you and other customers can ask questions and share their experiences using Salesforce.

Each session will have a general topic for discussion, a quick overview of solution(s) we have seen and or helped with, a Customer Panelist who had and resolved the same or similar problem and Q&A.

Our first session will be held on Thursday, March 4th at 10 AM EST. The topic for the session will be “Integration between ERP systems and Salesforce”. How to leverage your investments in back-end systems by integrating with Salesforce.

As a pre-cursor to the webinar, check out our Solutions page for Manufacturers.

Talk soon!

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