Repetitive (CPG) Manufacturing Playbook

Zwilling is an example of a Repetitive (CPG) Manufacturer. for almost 300 years, Zwilling has made high end cutlery for homes & restaurants. They sell through major retail partners, William Sonoma, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc. as well as regional and local supply and kitchen shops.

  • Repetitive Manufacturers have minimal or having little changeover on Production Lines and as a result, the operation speeds can be increased or decreased to meet customer demands or requirements.
  • Customers order products from these Prospects periodically based on demand, and these prospects warehouse their own goods in anticipation of customer orders.
  • Product volume in this space is typically high and product is shipped in cases or even pallets.  Prospects in this segment make items like Consumer goods (Kitchen Utensils, etc.) or Food products.

Understanding the Need

We think these are the main areas of business where Repetitive (CPG) Manufacturers struggle and where Salesforce can be of greatest immediate value. Key to this sector is Account Management and Data Analysis. If your Prospect has a direct channel, Marketing Cloud could also fit in the mix

In the links below we cover typical issues and ”How We Can Help” – the Questions you need to ask – and the Answers you need to figure out the best mix of products. You can also watch this short (5 min) Video that Explains Repetitive Manufacturing, and how we can be successful together.

Useful Tools for the Repetitive Manufacturing Sales Cycle

Share this Demo Video with Repetitive (CPG) Manufacturers!

This link will take you to our YouTube Channel – and a link to a quick Video Demonstration of Salesforce for Repetitive CPG Manufacturers.

And this Video takes you deeper – in it we model a client’s specific use case – a Forecasting need (satisfied with communities) and a scheduling need (satisfied with custom objects and Process Builder). check it out!

Use these slides for use in Initial Scoping Sessions

This link will take you to a set of Slides that you can use in your discovery sessions. In it, you will find a page of Repetitive CPG Manufacturing logos, a custom “Circles” chart that shows the general clouds with graphics, and a Product Matrix, showing Clouds and then types of manufacturers that are applicable. Finally, we built a series of Scoping questions, for use in initial calls.

And Print this PDF of the Repetitive CPG Manufacturing Playbook

Finally, this link will take you to a PDF of the Discreet Manufacturing Playbook you can use as a Desk Reference. This details out in text everything we tried to detail in these links and videos for Repetitive Manufacturing Prospects…

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