Salesforce adds Relationship Intelligence Feature for Sales Cloud

With their acquisition of Relate IQ, Salesforce has added a new Relationship Intelligence feature (free with Sales Cloud) called Salesforce IQ. It is currently available (in beta) to all Sales Cloud users.  Salesforce account executives are using it, and loving it, from what we hear.

How does it work? It connects to your inbox and scientifically analyzes your emails to help you prioritize and manage your interactions with prospects and customers. It also allows you to create and update Opportunity records directly from an email. It really does look like a pretty slick tool.

Keep in mind that this feature is currently in beta (which typically means there will be bugs until the full version is released), and there isn’t a lot of documentation on the setup and configuration of the tool out just yet, but this could be another game changer for sales execs.  Click here for details….

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