Salesforce buys PredictionIO? Who?

OK, so I guess first off, I should say that every time I see something like this I feel OOOLLLD, but salesforce just announced another acquisition – this time of a company called PredictionIO.  PredictionIO is essentially a machine learning open source platform, that allows programmers and data scientists to build out.  Open source is misleading, since they appear to have an Enterpsrise version of the software, that has license fees associated with it.

It seems like the a sort of simple version of Artificial Intelligence, where programmers develop scenario based algorithms, and the computers running them are sort of “trained” to find the right one without programming – all VERY over my head.

The thing I do get from the purchase, though, goes to most of my posts last month – Data (BIIIIIG DATA) seems to be where Salesforce is headed, and in a big way.  Wave continues to be a focus, and with the beginning of predicative analytics in that tool, I can only imagine where it lands once Salesforce get this new AI tool connected.

You can read about it here, and check out the PredictionIO site as well, if you too want to feel olllllllldddddd…

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