to unveil new Tools to Embed Customer Service Functionality into Client Built Mobile Apps

This came across in the SFDC Alerts this week – a new set of tools that can be used in Mobile apps to connect Customers to SFDC Service Cloud – directly from within to customer App.  Imagine, that you’re working with a Ski Navigator App  (shameless plug – Navionics – our client has a great one!!!)  and you have a question.  These new tools will give you a way to reach out to Navionics – through the app – directly intro Service cloud – via Live Agent, or a phone call that integrates the call/chat from the app with SFDC.

It’s a little early to get all of the details, but this could be huge for Service cloud customers who have B2C relationships that extend across mobile apps.

The new features are aimed at making it much easier to allow customers interacting remotely with the Salesforce Service Cloud to directly contact support agents by phone or video, get immediate help documentation within the apps, and start and track cases addressing any of their concerns.


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