Salesforce End User Training

Customer Success is our most important deliverable…

That’s why we work with all our customers to train them – not only on the base functions of salesforce, but specifically on the customized and personalized features we built during the deployment project.  We believe this is the quickest way to deliver real value for your business.

We strive to serve our customers by providing top notch training delivery around the Salesforce App. Offering a wide range of delivery methods – remote, on site, pre-recorded – all to tailor the training to your preferred learning method.

Our training will follow the Process Model built over the course of the project and will be interactive with your user base.  We can even build out a custom training guide for customers and leave this guide behind as collateral for your users.

The initial session is typically scheduled for a few hours.  We prefer to limit the size of a training group to 10 users or less.  Our experience suggests that this is as long as we can make the initial session.

We understand, however, that this is not enough training to get a team up to speed.  This is why we also schedule 3 or 4 half hour webinars in the weeks following the go live.  These short informal sessions give users the ability to ask questions, make complaints and learn tricks and tips of the tool – in a quick web based session.  These sessions have proven invaluable to clients, – essentially giving clients multiple hours of training, spread over several weeks, as the client organically learns the tool.

Find out more!  Please reach out to us if you would like more info.

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