Salesforce has an upbeat outlook for 2016

In related news, it appears that the Pope is religious!  I never send out these Stock things because – well – ugh, BUT, I saw this one and though with all the gloom and doom from Wall Street – Oil in the toilet, China, etc., this seems like a bright spot.

All of this, for a company that reported a LOSS of 4 cents a share for Q4.  Wow! So, in this climate, a company who loses money for the Quarter and the year, can get a stock bump on an upbeat wall street assessment.

And I think it has to do with 2 things – one – Salesforce  is expceted to make money (REALLY!) next quarter – 24 cents a share…

2nd, as Salesforce continues to innovate, and expand, I think there is only upside.

On the bad side, I bet that Metallica doesn’t play Dreamforce…

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