Salesforce & Microsoft Launch Lightning for Outlook

With any CRM, a tight integration with your email client is a must. And for many Salesforce users, the Outlook integration has come a long way, but still lacks on many fronts. We certainly started to see a shift from Outlook to Gmail over the past few years as we’ve taken on new clients.  That said, many companies are still traditional Microsoft shops and rely heavily on Outlook for email, Contacts, and Calendar.

Integrating Outlook with Salesforce has been possible for some time, but with limitations.  Now, Salesforce & Microsoft have extended their partnership by offering a seamless Salesforce/Outlook user experience. Lightning for Outlook, which was unveiled on Tuesday, promises to deliver the maximum user experience where users can access everything they need right from within their inbox, make updates on the fly, and even add components from third party apps to Outlook.

The ability to update and send a Salesforce quote from within Outlook?? Sounds promising….

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