Salesforce Lightning Experience – Time to make the Leap?

It’s hard to believe that Salesforce Lightning Experience was launched almost a year ago. We continue to hear how innovative and amazing the new interface is, and all of the new and exciting features it has to offer. Yet so many of us existing Classic customers are still hesitant to make the complete shift to the new interface. Why? We think there are a few reasons:

  1. The Lightning Interface is Intimidating to Classic Users
    If you’ve been a Salesforce customer for a number of years, you find comfort in the existing interface, layouts, process flow, etc. The switch to the Lightning interface is such a drastic change that it’s almost intimidating to a user that’s been with Classic for a period of time. We naturally have the urge to switch back to Classic because we are comfortable with it, despite the awesome look and feel and great new features that Lightning has to offer.
  2. Limitations of Lightning can be Frustrating to Classic Users
    This is certainly improving with each release, but the inability to add multiple opportunity products in Lightning was a major frustration initially. This was just one, among many other basic pieces of functionality that were originally missing from the new interface that would cause us to switch back to Classic (thankfully Salesforce made that easy).
  3. Frustration Leads to Hesitation
    Due to the items above, there’s been an overall reluctance and hesitance to make the complete shift to Lightning.

Why does it make sense to make the official “leap” now?

The List of Limitations is Dwindling

The limitation mentioned above has already been addressed and is included in the latest release, along with many others. Lightning is at a point where it has the majority of the key features that Classic has. Salesforce has a clear path for continuing to add additional features with each upcoming release.

Lightning is here to Stay….

…and for good reason. Salesforce has invested millions of dollars in the new interface because of its powerful capabilities. This means, of course, that at some point we will see Classic be retired and no longer supported by Salesforce. Makes sense to get migrated and your users trained before this happens.

Click here for all things Lightning Experience to help you decide if you’re ready to make the leap!



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