You and Me and Salesforce makes – well $272B!!!

I saw this last night – and wanted to write about it today – I know first hand that Salesforce is a powerhouse – and of course, anecdotally, I understand that the SF Ecosystem is huge – but $272B???  Amazing.

I’d like to think that the whole ecosystem surrounding Salesforce was part of the plan all along, but I’m not sure anyone saw it becoming this big.  At this point, some of the brightest minds in the Tech world (that doesn’t include me BTW) are making Salesforce their platform of choice, and building out world class apps to do all kinds of things I never even imagined on a CRM – E-Payment processing, WordPress integration, address verification and update, Political Campaign Management and all kinds of things you can’t even imagine.

This article highlights the Platform as a great tool, but it also gives a shout out to the SF Community – and basically I think all of us know that if we don’t know the answer, SOMEONE in the Salesforce community does, and has posted it.  It is amazing that so many of us are willing to share this info with the world.

Anyway, take a look at this article – very cool read…


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