Salesforce Process Builder Continues to Impress


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We featured Process Builder in one of our newsletters back when it was new to the Salesforce platform.  Since then, we’ve been working with it more and more and felt that it deserved another mention.

Process Builder is the new and improved workflow engine within Salesforce.  At first, it’s a little intimidating and maybe not as friendly as the wizard that we had with the standard workflow rules.  That said, once you get used to the nuances of it, you come to realize just how much more it can do than standard workflow.  For example, when an Opportunity is Closed Won, you can automatically create a related Project record with fields pre-populated (including lookup fields!), or post a Chatter message to related users (or non-related users!).

We just completed a project where we built out an entire Opportunity/Project process for an Operations an Engineering team through Process Builder….oh, and by the way, they are on Professional Edition! When the Opportunity is Closed Won, it goes to management for approval of a Project.  When approved by Management, the related Project record is auto-created and several fields are automatically populated (as defined in process builder). We have time based actions that occur if steps are not completed and delivery dates are approaching.

These are just some examples of what we have in place using process builder.  Much of what we’ve done for this client could not have been done without code before Process Builder….we’re talking several custom triggers.

So think about your internal processes and where you can apply the Process Builder.  Our client couldn’t be happier with the streamlined process that has been built for them using what is now standard out of the box functionality.  Professional Edition customers get 5 processes per org, so whether you are on Professional or Enterprise, we suggest giving this feature a try! Click here for an introduction to Process Builder.



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