Salesforce takes a seat at the table

Last week I wrote about Marc Benioff being at the Angela Merkel meeting in DC – and discussing women’s pay and STEM internships.  I said at the time that I thought that was a great step.

So this Sunday, when I read the Washington Post story about Jared Kushner’s new task force, and the fact that Benioff is going to be on that committee – I was certainly intrigued.

I don’t want to get into politics in this space, but I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t really back his agenda.  That said, I do agree with the premise that our Government can work better.  I am glad to see that the administration is building out a team to make recommendations on how to improve some of the government agencies.

Of particular interest to me was the focus on technology with various departments.  I have precious little experience with Government agencies, but I have a modest amount of experience with the VA, and let me tell you, what a mess!  Technology could absolutely help and would be an infrastructure plan that would deliver results AND jobs.

Silicon Valley could be immensely helpful, and even though most of them, Benioff included, aren’t Trump supporters, it is in our best collective interests to fix some of these long suffering problems in our government.

So kudos to all of the people mentioned in the article, for putting country above politics.  I’m not going to go along with very much the Trump administration proposes, but I think this is a good move.

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