Salesforce to Release Re-Designed User Interface

We’ve recently had some of our clients subscribe to apps such as SKUID, which provide an enhanced user interface for Salesforce. They were tired of having a limited number of columns on page layouts and dashboards and wanted more flexibility in the design of the user interface….enter Salesforce Lightning Experience.

It appears that Salesforce has been investing big bucks into a newly re-designed user interface that is to be released with the Winter’16 release, which happens to be right around the corner.  The re-designed interface promises to bring consistency across all devices and provide clients with the ability to make their own design customizations. It will include features such as drag and drop design components, additional dashboard columns (a long-time request by countless customers), and many more features we think you’ll like.

This is something you’ll want to learn more about now. Lookout Salesforce UI apps…. you may have some serious new competition in the very near future…..
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