SFDC the new SAP (and Oracle, and Baan and…)

I admit it – I’m pessimistic by nature – and I ALWAYS see the glass half empty.  It’s with this in mind that I usually approach all things salesforce.  You know, they can’t be a $1B company, they certainly can’t keep growing revenues bu 20+%, they can’t, they can’t they can’t.

And, I’m pleased to say (as a partner) that I’m ALWAYS wrong.   It’s not like I fell off the turnip truck yesterday – I’ve seen lots of software companies and the meteoric rise, only to see them fall  (Siebel, Baan, even IBM as examples).

But SFDC seem to be smarter than all of them put together.  Think about it – 10 years ago, SFDC introduced the API toolkit, which really blew the door of the tool.  They built the AppExchange in 2006, Platform in 2007, Chatter in 2009, Marketing Cloud (Pardot, Buddy, etc) in 2011, and now with Wave, they’ve basically taken on other software companies who’s best days are behind them (Biz Objects, Cognos, etc.) but in such a cool way, that I think even on premise bigots will HAVE to give SFDC a second look.

So today, at least for a half hour or so, I think I see a glass half full – might change in the next 20 minutes, but for now…

This is the article that got me thinking about it…

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