Softball Interview with Sugar, but there’s some interesting stuff in here

I always like softball interviews – “tell, me Mr. CEO – we all know your tool is the best – tell me why YOU think it’s the best!!  Barf!  But I thought the approach to the interview was interesting.  Saving the whole on site off site piece, he approaches it from 3 perspectives – Reporting and Dashboards, Mobile use and extending the platform.  The 3 legs on a stool I think some of us have forgotten as we’ve gone all social all the time.    I’m on a demo now (and shouldn’t be posting!) but I’m going to make sure we approach these 3 legs for sure.  SFDC is really strong on all 3 of these topics, but I just don’t think we push it hard enough.  Especially Reporting.


Anyway, enough Choir, go sing!


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