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We know that your budget is tight – we’re a small company too.  But we also understand that salesforce represents a critical investment for your company – and you want to – HAVE to – get it implemented well.

That’s the reason we created the Jump-Start family of services. We want to help you and you company see an immediate and dramatic Return on Investment on your salesforce small business solution – in a week or less – focused on your business needs.

Designed for small-business customers with fewer than 15 users, Jump-Starts will address the specific requirements of your business. Our certified consultants will work with you to map solutions that address your problems and accelerate your success. We’re sure that with our 3 packages, one is just right for you and your business.

Designed to Fit Your Budget and Needs

Our Silver package includes an on-site BPR session the first day, where we determine exactly how you will deploy the salesforce system. Our consultants will ensure that the software is configured to your needs and driving your project to meet your defined business and project objectives.

Our Gold four-day package provides much more value to our customers who are looking to get more out of salesforce Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition. Our Gold package provides all of the features our Silver package offers, in addition to the below services:

This five-day package is the largest and most comprehensive of our salesforce Jump-Start offerings. It is designed to help you get a solid running start using your Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition of salesforce. Our Platinum package provides everything in Silver & Gold, in addition to the below services:

Jump-Start Silver

3 Day Package
  • Contact and Account Management Configuration
  • Activity Management Configuration
  • Sales Force Automation (Opportunity Management) Configuration
  • Report and Dashboard Development
  • Development of an HTML Communication Template (for use in Marketing and Mass Email campaigns)
  • Data Migration of Accounts and Contacts from a single source (1 Excel File, etc.)
  • A two-hour Salesforce Training Session with your user base – conducted via GoToMeeting
$ 3900

Jump-Start Gold

4 Day Package
  • Marketing Automation Setup (Lead Auto Response Rules, Lead Assignment Rules and Lead Queues)
  • Record Types and Multiple Page Layout set up (for Enterprise Edition)
  • 3 Workflow Rule Builds (for Enterprise Edition)
  • 2 email Templates
  • Data Migration of Accounts and Contacts from 2 sources or added data migration for Activities (from a single source)
  • A two-hour Salesforce Training Session with your user base – conducted On Site
$ 5500

Jump-Start Platinum

5 Day Package
  • Custom Object Development (for functionality outside of traditional salesforce functionality)
  • 6 Workflow Rule Builds (for Enterprise Edition)
  • A Dashboard
  • 1 AppExchange Deployment (using one of the offerings from Salesforce labs)
  • A two-hour Salesforce.com training Session with your user base – conducted On Site
$ 6900

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