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Healthcare is a varied and complicated business sector, and many Healthcare companies are finding it hard to manage their practice network, patients and products.  With Salesforce Healthcloud, we can help your organization be successful at managing these critical assets.  Healthcloud is built from the ground up to track your important practice network, your referral sources, and most important, your patients.  we can help you harness this tool to find success in the cloud. BlackIron focuses specifically on 2 main areas of Healthcare Management – Physician Referral Management and Med Device Management. These 2 sectors share some commonalities (referral tracking for instance) but are quite unique under the covers.  Check out our videos demonstrating the complexities of each.

Practice/Physician Referral Management – A referral management system can be a powerful tool for your Account Reps to keep track of their patient referrals throughout the care continuum. Our main goal with Referral Management is to improve visibility to referral sources, highlight issues with referrals (or lack of) and help you to analyze the relationship between activities such as visits and educational functions and referrals.

Medical Device Manufacturers – for Med Device manufacturers, the complexity and sheer size of the device means that significant work goes into creating, customizing and installing the equipment. Salesforce can help you to manage opportunities, build sophisticated quotes and even service the equipment once installed.

Healthcare Demos

Watch our Video demonstrating
Physician Referral Management
Watch our Video demonstrating
Healthcloud for Med Device Management

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