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Although many companies claim their people are their most important asset, in a Professional Services business, people truly are your most important asset—because they are your ONLY asset.

Keeping on top of project scheduling, resource planning, status reporting, and most important, time entry and billing, is essential to running a successful and profitable Professional Services business. But if you’re like most Professional Services firms, deploying your own software and keeping up with your servers, operating systems, networks, and endless upgrades are the last things on your list. Appropriately, clients, projects, marketing and sales come first—nothing else is even a close second. Most Professional Services Automation (PSA) Applications are overly complicated to deploy, learn and manage. They often fall short on the adaptability and flexibility required to run a Professional Services business.

We approach the Professional Services problem with a new vision of what SHOULD be required to sell services opportunities, track projects, schedule resources, manage time entry and invoice customers. Think of it as a Project Management tool for the rest of us.

Salesforce allows companies to deliver all their business applications in a single environment — one data model, one sharing model and one user interface.  By using this common model, we have developed a Wall 2 Wall (W2W) Project Tracking system specifically created for Professional Services Business. Our tool, which is easily downloaded from salesforce AppExchange, will allow your firm to immediately track sales opportunities by service type and track start, end and proposed duration of the opportunity in the selling cycle. And in just one click, create a complete Project Record for tracking and maintenance.

We have also built a customized, easy-to-use resource Scheduling System that accompanies the project and allows your executives to manage and analyze the current resource workload, as well as potential workload. This tool, along with the accompanying dashboard views, gives you real insight into proposed utilization and resource allocation. But it can’t be revenue until the time is captured in the system. We think that consultants should be able to bill customers without a lot of administrative work. To that end, we’ve made our Time Entry function as simple as the rest of salesforce.  Just click on a date, the project, the milestone and go!  And since it’s a cloud based system, users can enter time while in the office, with a client or at home—whatever fits their schedule. Like everything else in salesforce, all of your data is instantly and globally available, and can be organized and displayed to give you a comprehensive, real-time view of your business. Customizable dashboards from salesforce provide instant access to the real-time data and analysis you need to run your business

But don’t take our word for it, check out this demonstration video of the tool or download our printable brochure.

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