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Combine your Karmak Data into Salesforce for a powerful combination of data driven analysis and powerful CRM Features – anytime – anywhere.

We recorded the EXCELLENT DMS Integration Demo with Gina Carello and Melinda McAuliff of Regional Trucking

And many thanks to them for doing that. It is a GREAT demonstration of the power of using DMS data, and taking it to the next level with Salesforce

What we covered

We know that your DMS is doing your company a lot of good- everyone in the organization can use the DMS data, from Sales and Inventory, to Costing and Accounting, DMS data is the single version of the truth. But getting to that data can sometimes be challenging – and finding key insights at a specific customer can be frustrating. That’s where integration to Salesforce comes in…

One of our clients – Regional International, provided terrific insight into their process, and how their deployment of SF & Karmak (their DMS) went.


We’ve provided:

  • An Overview of the Regional Project( (at 7:48),
  • A Demo of the System (at 15:27)
  • We answer questions (at 36:42)
Selling commercial trucks requires knowing as much as possible about each account. Customers expect nothing less. They’re highly connected, and you have to be too. We know that you implemented Karmak to transform your dealership, and to become a more data driven enterprise, and it has worked! But Integrating that data into Salesforce can take you to the next level. We have built this brief Video Demonstration of salesforce use with Karmak Fusion data. Check it out!

When you invest in on site trips, you should expect those trips to produce results. But poor planning, and poor data often yield poor results. Salesforce Maps can change that – giving us the ability to take data you’ve worked hard to build in your CRM to plan, execute, log, and analyze your road trips.

And its all mobile – on site visits means cars, and Starbucks, not offices and desktops. Your reps can harness ALL OF THIS POWER from their pocket – anytime – anywhere – check it out!

Finally, using Salesforce to Quote takes you to a whole new level – deals happen fast, and there are often a lot of them! Salesforce can help you prioritize, analyze and manage all of your quotes in one place – reminding your reps to reach out, and offering helpful tips to help you close deals… We can help you build a customized quoting system, tailored to your dealership’s unique needs and specific business process. We can help manage things like Trade Ins, Add ons, FET, and so much more in the deal cycle. Check out a Video demo…

In addition, we built out this brochure, detailing our partnership with Karmak and the benefits an integration to the Fusion tool can provide. Using Karmak’s revolutionary Unity API, we can move your Vehicle, Inventory, Sales, Service and even Parts data to salesforce, and then, using the salesforce Reports and Dashboard engines, develop intuitive analysis that allow you and your team to make solid data driven decisions. 

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