Take your quotes and Proposal docs to the next level with Conga Composer

Most of our clients know that here at BlackIron Group, we are big fans of Conga Composer.  We have done some very interesting things with the tool over the years, and we wanted to start telling people about it.

 Since most of our customers are manufacturers, we deal a lot in – products – things that go in boxes, or get installed on shop floors.  And those products have some useful and impactful visual properties.  If you’re looking to build out a quote or proposal document that takes those images, and uses them to make your quote more impactful, well, Conga and BlackIron Group have got you covered.

With its robust capabilities, Conga Composer allows you to seamlessly integrate custom product photos into your communications, adding a unique and engaging element to your interactions with customers.

Here’s how it works: With Conga Composer, we can easily merge product data from Salesforce with personalized messaging and dynamic images. This means that instead of sending generic quotes or alerts, we can provide our customers with visually appealing and tailored content that showcases the exact products they’re interested in.

First – we need to load the photos into products.  This CAN be done with integration, but if your product mix is small, then we would advise you to load the photos (into the files section) by hand.

Once that’s done, we can help you by building a flow that “moves” those photos (at least the public URL) into fields on the product.  This now gives is fields we can add to queries in Conga to expose those photos in any document.  In this example, we have 20 spaces for photos and fill them using a flow:



From there, its Conga time!  Using the IMAGE variable in Conga, simply add the photo (or photos) using the {{Tablestart}} parameter to any section.  In this example we add them to the table listing the items, and then give a fuller version for each item at the next section of the quote:

The results can be spectacular – adding an image to the pricing table gives the quote a powerful visual appeal, and adding multiple photos gives the customer or prospect a really good idea of what it is you’re proposing.



By leveraging Conga Composer to include custom product photos in quotes or alerts, you have an opportunity to differentiate from competitors, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Find out more!  Send us a note at info@blackirongroup.com or reach out to me directly on slack (dan@blackirongroup.com) or the old fashioned way by calling me (203 984 9087).

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