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B&D’s mission is the same as it was when they opened for business in 1984 – to provide customers with service that is of real value.    Service that continually improves customers’ facilities, increases equipment dependability and efficiency. B&D Controlled Air works to create real savings and more efficient HVAC systems and building controls.

Business has rapidly increased since 1984.  The company saw that in order to keep up with the demand, and continue to deliver the kind of quality and experience their customers expect, they would have to harness technology to assist.

So B&D made the decision to work with Salesforce and BlackIron Group.  BlackIron Group initially helped B&D deploy Sales Cloud and Quoting.  B&D’s customers expect a quick turnaround, a reliable quotation and the ability to work with their rep until the quote is acceptable.  BlackIron Group implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Opportunity Management.   These tools gave the internal team the ability to quickly create, modify and manage quotes for their customers.

We also integrated this data with QuickBooks.  Allowing data to easily flow from Salesforce to QuickBooks reduced data entry, and resulting data entry mistakes.  This integration has helped streamline the sales process and increased efficiencies with the team, giving them more time to work with their customers.

Using Field Service Lightning, B&D can quickly respond to critical customer issues in the field with the right resources, quickly.

Next, they re-imagined their Customer Support process, enabling Salesforce’s revolutionary Field Service Lightning app (FSL).   This allowed a relatively small Service team people to handle up to 100 cases a day, troubleshooting issues, assigning Field Techs to the right service appointment, and, by using the Salesforce Workflow Engine, communicating an “I’m on my way” message to the next service appointment in the queue, whenever a service appointment is completed  on the Mobile App.

Solving Customer problems quickly is key to B&D’s mission, and FSL has certainly helps to manage the Work Order Assignment and tracking process. And, by using the data that results from the FSL function, B&D can analyze service appointments for trends and exceptions.  This allows them to anticipate customer needs and continually exceed their customers’ expectations.

We can help you too.  Using CRM in the manufacturing sector must fit to your unique business requirements.  We can help your team find success on the Salesforce Cloud.

Using customer relationship management (CRM) in the manufacturing sector requires a system that meets your unique business needs. We can help your team find success on the Salesforce Cloud.

Why you need salesforce

Regular communication with your customers lets them know how much you value them and their business. Show them that you care by offering valuable information such as tips on how to use your products and services more effectively, event announcements, information on upcoming new products and expanded services, and special discounts on existing ones.

Sales representatives can quickly create and manage quotes for partners and customers.

Call center agents can seamlessly handle the highly technical support process across multiple channels

“We did our homework when we were deciding on a field service solution, and Salesforce Field Service Lightning has helped us significantly cut work order resolution time.  Our decision to work with BlackIron Group to help us implement Salesforce was definitely a good one.  They have helped us each step of the way to understand Salesforce’s multiple products, and to configure the tools to represent our unique business processes.  I believe that as a result of choosing Salesforce and BlackIron Group, we are well positioned to beat our competition and grow our business by putting our customers first.” April Montgomery, COO, B&D Air

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