Time for a Salesforce Refinement?

Time for a Salesforce Refinement?

As a Salesforce administrator, how do you know when it is time for a Salesforce refinement, or overhaul, shall we say? Good question. We, as experienced Salesforce implementation consultants, can pretty easily tell when logging into an org if a refinement would be recommended. How? By evaluating a few key areas of the application and asking a couple of simple questions. We thought we’d share these key areas we pay attention to when deciding whether it’s time for a Salesforce refinement:

  1. When was your Initial Implementation?

    • Chances are if your initial Salesforce implementation was more than 2-3 years ago, it’s time for a refinement. Since Salesforce comes out with new releases and features three times per year, there is a good possibility that if you don’t have a full time Salesforce administrator you may be missing out on some of them.
  2.  Is User Adoption Declining?

    • Have you noticed that user adoption has been declining? Are you getting complaints from users that the system is not “user-friendly”? Do you receive a lot of requests for removal or addition of fields and or more automation? All of these are good indicators that it’s a good time to review, enhance, and refine your Salesforce instance.
  3. Is it time for a Data Cleanse?

    • A good indicator that it’s time for a Salesforce refinement is the need for a data cleanse. Data can get stale over time and duplicates can occur (yes, sometimes even with duplicate management rules in place).  If you or other users are noticing records that appear to have bad data, or should be archived, or need to be merged, these are signs that you may want to start thinking about a Salesforce refinement.
  4. Are you still using Salesforce Classic?

    • At this point, if you are still using Salesforce Classic, it is time to bite the bullet and make the switch to Lightning Experience. There are too many features you are missing out on by staying in the Classic interface out of habit and comfort. However, for most organizations a switch to Lightning Experience goes hand in hand with a refinement project. This is the perfect time to enable a new interface AND add some additional new enhancements for your users.

Need assistance with a Salesforce refinement project? Give us a call. We’re happy to help you evaluate your current instance and review areas that could use enhancements.


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