Trucking Dealerships can use Salesforce and DMS to change the game

Trucking Dealerships are going through generational change. Competition (both form manufacturers as well as dealerships), product advances like EV’s, e-commerce and search functions, and even support options make selling and servicing trucks a more complicated job than ever before.

Many of the inventory restrictions (allocation by manufacturers) and limited customer interactions) have been reduced or eliminated, and that brings a heavy burden to the dealership, not to mention the individual rep on the lot.

Dealer Management systems (DMS) capture a ton of useful information – both for execs as well as individual reps, but getting TO that data, organizing into useful views, and then taking action on it is a whole other story. Integrating that data, however, into Salesforce gives us a streamlined, modern, easy, PORTABLE way to see, and use that data.

DMS data – combined into salesforce will allow reps to better target prospects. If you know the mileage, service history and parts orders for a particular customer and fleet, you are ahead of the game in terms of discussing replacing specific trucks. Alerts can be built to alert reps to new inventory in DMS that might be of interest to specific customers using preferences. And using bi-directional integration allows reps to enter data once – and have that information available in DMS.

BlackIron put together a series of videos that describe that process. In this snippet, we discuss connecting Procede DMS to salesforce. We’d love to hear from you – Please repost and share with other truckers!

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