Salesforce User Adoption from a Client’s Perspective

This is an article written by one of our clients, Admiral Metals, regarding Salesforce user adoption and how they were able to achieve it at their company.  Very insightful, and so well written. As a proud partner, we just had to share!

The Latin phrase, “Nemo Resideo”, means, “No One Left Behind” and is a motto that’s long been adopted by the Marines, Special Forces, and really every branch of our armed forces.  It’s more than a motto though; it’s a principle and a belief that many have risked and given their life to uphold and it is the consummate expression of how the military commits to taking care of their own.

With absolute respect for the gravity of this principle in the military world, at Admiral Metals, we borrowed and adopted the principle of, “No One Left Behind” and applied it to our recent implementation of

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