We’re going to start posting ideas we have for using ERP/DMS and CRM data together to grow Manufacturing and Truck Dealership businesses

 So – dog days of summer are here – and I wanted to start a kind of new thing for BlackIron Group where we take an idea – usually data or process driven, and write a quick post about it here in LinkedIn. The hope is that some of our connections find the information compelling. Maybe you reach out to us, or maybe you work on it independently , but I am hoping that you at least find the topics useful.
Now, for companies like P&G, or Fedex, these ideas are going to seem pretty rudimentary, I admit. But in our experience, most of our customers are so busy with the day-to-day block and tackle of running their business, that ideas that might make a big difference, just get pushed to the back room and are left to wither. My hope is that by posting some of them, we can dust a few off, and pursue some of them.
So tomorrow, I’ll be writing about an idea one of our customers has – without spilling too many of the details, I want to at least bring it up and see if others are interested. 

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