We’re doing a webinar exclusively for Trucking Dealerships!!!

I wanted to invite you to a our latest Webinar for the Transportation space.  We are going to spend about 45 minutes covering the Advantages of using Salesforce in a Trucking Dealership.

  • Do you know who your best Sales Rep is for Margin or Sales? 
  • Do you know how often your reps visit customers or Prospects?
  • Do you know what your Win rate is by rep, by Type or by Territory? 

IF NOT, register for our webinar to see how we can help.

A client of ours, Regional International will review their experiences integrating their DMS, Karmak , to Salesforce, and the insights they gained into Revenue, Margin, and related data like visits and deals.  Do you have visibility into data like this now?  If not, you should really think about joining our webinar.

Click here to register to join us on Thursday, May 27th  at 10:00 AM EST. and we will show you how you can be successful using Salesforce – in combination with your DMS. We’ll then show how we can help you use base salesforce functionality to track Prospects, remind your reps to follow up, and ultimately analyze your team’s effectiveness using CRM and DMS data, on your desktop and on your phone.

Click to register now.

Hope to see you there!!

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