Where is Everybody? Salesforce Maps gives manufacturers insight into customers

Where is Everybody? Salesforce Maps gives manufacturers insight into customers

Finding, winning and keeping customers in today’s manufacturing environment is harder than ever. Keeping customers happy often requires a personal touch. And understanding WHICH customers to visit is more important than ever.

Making sure that your Reps have well defined territories, that are balanced and contained can also help your team to make the most of road trips and in person appearances. Today we want to dive into the use of salesforce maps to understand basic information like account location, but to also start to understand metrics ABOUT customers – Sales Volume, open Cases, date last visited, etc., to drive decisions on who to visit (and when).

Salesforce Maps can help

Manufacturers have unique challenges around face time with customers. The 80/20 rule is in full force for manufactures, so visiting customers who represent significant volume can help to keep sales volume at those clients high. Salesforce can help with this by taking the integrated sales data (see previous posts). But finding customers on the cusp, or finding customers with downward sales trends in sales can also be useful. Building customized “layers” in the maps can give your reps the ability to visualize all of this.

Map showing Rep’s Accounts (in black) along with Accounts with Sales trend less than 30% quarter over quarter (in green)
Plan, Optimize and Visualize your Route and Schedule
Using Maps, Manufacturers can plan trips, schedule Appointments and Optimize Routes

This is a great visualizer -of your account activity – and one that your reps will fund useful. But it’s really only a picture. Maps lets you take this view, and then plan your visit- by scheduling your appointments and optimizing your route. And these tools are simple click and save options.

And all of the power of Maps can be held in the palm of your hand…

Finally, the term “Road Warriors” is not lost on us. The purpose of a trip into territory, after all, is to see your customers. So all of this power can be utilized, managed and changed from your mobile device. Sales Reps can access the schedule created for them on their mobile device, or, if plans change, can use the same features of the mobile device to create a new schedule, a new route, and a new list of customers .

Sales Reps can access their route, turn by turn directions, and important KPI’s all from their pocket.
Broad applicability to all types of Manufacturers

In our experience, there isn’t a manufacturer in the marketplace today that couldn’t benefit from a tool like this. Giving your Sales Reps the ability to plan, change and report on account visits is one of the quickest ways to increase customer spend and customer satisfaction. Don’t believe us? Check out this testimonial from a Salesforce customer.

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