Working at a cool place is a reward on it’s own

and I say that as a guy who works from home!  But, wherever I go to Salesforce Offices (Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta) I’m really impressed with the “hipness” of the place(s).

In all of the offices, the colors are upbeat, lots of windows, very few offices and lots of conference rooms.  But beyond that, there are couches, treadmills (really!), ping pong tables, bike racks and lots of interesting stuff.

Healthy snacks abound!  There is a fully stocked kitchen with all kind s of good snacks and food to eat, and the whole place has a casual vibe to it.  Jeans are the unofficial uniform and “casual”is the word of the day…

That’s not to say I’d trade working from home.  I’m a big fan of my 20 ft commute, and having my dog with me, but if I WERE to work in an office, I could think of no place better…  I remember my Deloitte days, suit and tie 5 days a week in downtown NYC, or my early software days, where Business Casual meant Khakis and a tie (I’m betting I have the world’s finest collection of unused ties!

Anyway, take a look at this article, and it you are wearing a tie while you read it, I’m really sorry…

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